Saturday, 1 December 2012

How an Smart HR Professionals can take full advantage of Global Recession ?

How an Smart  HR Professionals can take full advantage of Global Recession ?

Will this recession ever end? Employees and their companies are experiencing the longest period of economic downturn since the Great Depression. Workers are exhausted, physically and mentally. Organizations are cutting costs to the bone, laying off even top performers and wringing every bit of productivity from the employees who remain. And caught in the middle, working hard to shoulder the load are the HR professionals. The recession has created extraordinary challenges in workplaces around the globe

Many companies that have branches in other countries have employed global human resources professionals who manage and advise on the human resource requirements of the firms. Global HR professionals play an important role in helping employees who have been sent to foreign countries to have a smooth transition into the country. They take care of visa issues of the employee, offer advice on tax requirements, provide housing assistance and may provide cross-cultural training. Some large firms may have their in-house human resources department take care of this, while some prefer to hire global relocation companies that help the employees settle down.

Global HR professionals may also be in charge of posting vacancies, setting up interviews, and screening resumes of job applicants in foreign countries. They provide guidance and advise the team abroad and report on progress to the chief executive office at the firm’s global headquarters.

Global HR careers are challenging in nature, and job seekers of these positions must be well-rounded individuals who can take a lot of pressure at work. It may involve relocation, and job seekers should be willing to travel to other regions where the climate may not be conducive and the population may be unwelcoming. Some of the challenges that Global HR professionals face include searching of labor through outsourcing. Companies may require cheap labor offered by the local population and it is the work of the global HR professional to source for this labor. Getting the right candidates who are qualified in the job may be a big challenge due to language or cultural barriers.

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