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Explain the importance of online marketing for HRs?

The latest Trends in HR Marketing from HRmarketer finds that most HR suppliers spent their 2008 marketing and PR dollars on expanded social networking, Web 2.0 tactics, e-mail campaigns and press outreach-and more of the same is expected in 2009.

Survey data-collected during the fourth quarter of 2008-reveals significant growth in the use of podcasting, blogging, webinars, and social network technologies such as LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with HR and employee benefits professionals.

Direct e-mail marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising and self-published original content were cited as the four most popular tactics to generate sales leads.

HR verticals were widely represented, with most respondents coming from talent management, training, recruiting & staffing and consulting. Employee benefit and screening & assessment suppliers are also represented. Nearly half the survey participants were at a director level or higher, with 23 percent at the CEO or owner level. Vice presidents, managers, analysts and specialist rounded out the mix.

The report also tracks the waning confidence and optimism of those suppliers. For instance, a majority of suppliers (41%) were "Somewhat Optimistic" about the overall health of the HR marketplace heading into 2009, down from nearly 60% in last year's survey.

For most of the marketing and PR activities surveyed, a majority of suppliers intend to keep their budgets the same in 2009. Nearly one third of suppliers said they will decrease their budgets; however, that number has likely increased due to increased economic concerns.

For additional perspective here are Seven Top Online Marketing Trends for 2009 by Heidi Cohen from ClickZ.

Barack Obama changed the political rule book: his 2008 presidential campaign leveraged the Internet's strength to engage disenchanted voters and register new voters. Future political campaigns won't be able to utilize these strategies with the same impact since they won't be as novel and the identified constituencies will now be an established part of the electoral process.

Going forward, online marketers will face challenges similar to those of their political counterparts. The online market's accelerated maturation due to recent economic turmoil means that growth will no longer come as easily. Growth now will have to come at the expense of other channels or competitors, rather than from new users.

Three Online Marketing Goals for 2009 and Related Metrics
Because both marketers and consumers will have limited budgets, we'll see longer sales cycles, lengthier prepurchase dialogues with consumers, and less brand advertising. As a result, companies will focus on the following three goals and the related analytic indicators to track them:

Increased ROI (define) from better resource utilization. Firms will also explore the potential for new revenue streams. In addition to tracking sales and expenses, companies will spend more time assessing tradeoffs.

Improved targeting based on a better understanding of the behaviors that drive profitable revenues. This translates into better data mining across functions to find areas of opportunity as well as the use of third-party behavioral targeting functionality.

Enhanced customer focus to determine what's being said about your organization and to respond quickly to resolve customer issues. This includes assessing your contact strategy, monitoring ratings and reviews, and participating in relevant online communities.

Seven Online Marketing Trends for 2009
In 2009, the following seven trends will dominate online marketing. While most are similar to the trends I outlined for 2008, they show an evolution to a more competitive, multichannel marketplace. Also, these trends consider the impact of working within an expense-constrained environment.

Increase customer retention efforts, because market share often will be at the cost of other channels and/or competitors. Additionally, marketing to your existing customer base is cheaper and more effective because you know who they are and understand their behavior.

Create more attractive content because it cost-effectively engages consumers at many touch points during the purchase cycle, leverages internal resources, and aids search optimization. While attractive content will take on a variety of formats, a growing proportion of it will be video.

Develop more targeted and relevant communications to be disseminated across a variety of devices, including advertising, e-mail, smartphones, text messages, and instant messages. While consumers may opt in to text message for time-delayed communications and cost reasons, businesses may limit text messages in enterprise-owned phones to reduce costs. Good database functionality is required to track and analyze customer activity to drive effective communications. For some marketers, this may mean the use of third-party behavioral targeting. Further, in the current economic environment, creating pertinent messages is critical.

Better leverage communities. While social communities expanded and new niche sites evolved in 2008, companies must think more broadly about their prospects, customers, and other influencers this year. This means evolving beyond the engagement phase of dealing with customers to show them the love. As a result, the community organizer role in companies will be become more prevalent.

Increase analytic sophistication to drive business decisions in a resource-constrained environment. Contribution to return will determine resource allocation, including money and people. Since this will have an impact on every phase of the business, not just transactions and financials, companies will improve their database utilization. As a result, firms may be forced to reassess their database functionality and create workarounds to compete effectively. On a related note, privacy issues may gather strength under the new Democratic administration.

Enhance search marketing advertising despite increased cost, because search engines are still the first place online users turn to find information. This translates into more expensive keyword buys due to the growing demand for the limited supply of high-yielding keywords. Additionally, it means an expanded approach to search optimization to include social media, mobile, and local search.

Continue to integrate distribution channels despite the internal corporate challenges and higher costs. Multichannel merchants will face increased complexity and thinner margins unless they become more efficient.

For online marketers, 2009 will be an exciting and challenging year. They'll need to build the basis for future expansion, including enhancing their brand with limited resources. The reality is that companies can't just stop marketing when times are tough because they risk hurting their long-term market share and bottom line. For many firms this will translate into clever workarounds to leverage existing resources to achieve short-term goals.


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How does Ad Postings and Job Postings help to make profit in a Business?

There are many different reasons why businesses decide to make classified ad job postings, whether it is online or in their local paper. Creating effective online classified ad postings are a thing of the present and can provide many benefits to you and your business.

advertising your rental online is a great way to find tenants. It offers benefits that other forms of marketing, such as print newspaper or bulletin boards, do not. Here are three benefits of posting an ad for your vacancy online.

1. Reach a Broader Prospective Tenant Pool With Minimal Effort

If you were trying to reach various markets, such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles when advertising your rental in the newspaper, you would have to individually place a ‘for rent’ ad in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and the L.A. Times. If you wanted to expand your target market when advertising your rental with flyers, you would have to draft up a flyer, print out dozens of copies, then physically go to different grocery stores, gyms and community bulletin boards and put the flyers up yourself.

If you want to reach a lot of people online, you just have to put up one ad. People from all over the county, state, country and even world can easily find it by searching for apartments in the area. You save money by not having to place ads in various papers or from using paper and ink to print out flyers. You also save time from having to call various papers or drive from location to location to put up flyers.

2. Easily Accessible/Quicker Response Time

Your ad will be accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week (assuming your ad will run for a week). Therefore, it can be accessed anytime day or night. An additional benefit is that people have access to the internet on the go from their mobile devices, so they can easily conduct a search during their lunch hour or while waiting in a line.

Unlike a bulletin board located inside of a grocery store or gym, which would only be viewed during normal business hours, the internet is always open for business. Unlike print newspaper advertising, most online sites, such as Craigslist, Trulia and Zillow, do not require users to pay to search for rentals.

Online advertising can help set the entire rental process into motion more quickly. If a prospective renter sees a vacancy that interests them, they can call, email or text immediately. You can send them an application instantaneously by fax or email so that you can start the application process before the tenant even physically views the unit.

3. Can Include Numerous Pictures and Even Multimedia Options

In a typical classified ad in the newspaper, you are usually limited to a couple of lines of text. If you are creating a flyer to advertise your rental, you are usually limited to two to four pictures, however the more pictures you include, the greater the cost as it will use more ink.

Online ads give you more options to visually present your property. Since people are visual, allowing them to physically see the features and amenities of your property is a bonus. It is common for sites to allow you to post anywhere from four to twenty pictures of your rental. In addition, if you have taken a video of your property, you can often include the link in your ad.

Of course, do not include pictures of features that will make your property look less desirable. For example, if your rental is a basement unit, don’t post a picture of the dungeon-like staircase leading down to the unit. can appeal to a much wider audience, get a bigger cross section of people from different backgrounds etc (needed if you want to be an equal opportunities employer), helps when you want to fill lots of vacancies fast.

5.Also gets the company name out there and helps with company profile. helps with any competition, if your advert is good etc.

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Explain the Importance of Press Release ?

Here are 6 of the best benefits of press release and how it can exponentially grow your business as well as improve the way you make money online.

1.Press releases help to brand your online business name 

often press release holds certain integrity within its posting system. Therefore, you can be sure that the integrity of your online business goes together with it. It will substantially brand the name of your business to thousands of people out there.

2.Press releases increases the visibility of your online business 

the benefits of publishing your press release through an optimized press release directory will substantially boost your business exposure online. This depends greatly on how well you monetize your content by placing relevant keywords as well as how prominently it is structured. Best of all, there are free press release directories that are highly preferred by search engines of which you can inevitably submit your share of copy into it.

3.Press releases increases the amount of targeted traffic 

By all means, we all know that targeted traffics are the life source of many internet business. However, as mentioned from the previous tip, optimized press release often holds certain integrity within its posting system. Therefore, one of the biggest advantages of using press releases is that effectively, it can send a lot of traffic to your blog. Most often, if your press release is up to a certain level of quality, people will be most likely to be interested to know more of what you have installed for them. Make sure you include links that directs back to where you intend to lead them.

4.Press release improves your SEO rating 

Improving SEO is significantly important when it comes to making money online with your internet business. We all know about the great advantages of having an optimized SEO. Inevitably, press release helps to enhance your website’s SEO profoundly. By embedding your links into your press release, you gain quality backlinks of which is indefinitely one of the most important factors of improving your SEO.

5.Press release increases the credibility of your business online

By submitting quality press releases, you are certainly building name for yourself within the expertise of your business field. As you gradually become trustworthy in the eyes of the readers, they will tend to take into consideration of your knowledge and slowly but surely anticipating further useful information you would subsequently provide for them. They would seek your knowledge on that particular field and look up upon your recommendation in future to come.

6.Free traffic when submitting press release 

Unlike opting for paid marketing strategies, submitting press releases is a sure fire free way when it comes to generating targeted traffic. There are various press release directories that you can sign up and post for free. Free traffics are often much better than paid ones because they will be significantly embedded online making it inevitably available even in future to come.

Here are consequently the benefits of utilizing press releases when it comes to improving your internet business online. It takes effort and time to gradually improve the quality of your submitted press releases. There is absolutely no reason for you to not be able to fully utilize the great advantages of submitting press release. Remember, everyone starts somewhere eventually. Therefore, research around the internet to view some of the examples of press releases and begin working on yours to improve the way your internet business performs.

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Saturday 1 December 2012

How an Smart HR Professionals can take full advantage of Global Recession ?

How an Smart  HR Professionals can take full advantage of Global Recession ?

Will this recession ever end? Employees and their companies are experiencing the longest period of economic downturn since the Great Depression. Workers are exhausted, physically and mentally. Organizations are cutting costs to the bone, laying off even top performers and wringing every bit of productivity from the employees who remain. And caught in the middle, working hard to shoulder the load are the HR professionals. The recession has created extraordinary challenges in workplaces around the globe

Many companies that have branches in other countries have employed global human resources professionals who manage and advise on the human resource requirements of the firms. Global HR professionals play an important role in helping employees who have been sent to foreign countries to have a smooth transition into the country. They take care of visa issues of the employee, offer advice on tax requirements, provide housing assistance and may provide cross-cultural training. Some large firms may have their in-house human resources department take care of this, while some prefer to hire global relocation companies that help the employees settle down.

Global HR professionals may also be in charge of posting vacancies, setting up interviews, and screening resumes of job applicants in foreign countries. They provide guidance and advise the team abroad and report on progress to the chief executive office at the firm’s global headquarters.

Global HR careers are challenging in nature, and job seekers of these positions must be well-rounded individuals who can take a lot of pressure at work. It may involve relocation, and job seekers should be willing to travel to other regions where the climate may not be conducive and the population may be unwelcoming. Some of the challenges that Global HR professionals face include searching of labor through outsourcing. Companies may require cheap labor offered by the local population and it is the work of the global HR professional to source for this labor. Getting the right candidates who are qualified in the job may be a big challenge due to language or cultural barriers.

What is the difference between HR studies in College and HR work in any SME ? Why it is very different for HR ?

What is the difference between HR studies in College and HR work in any SME  ?  Why it is very different for HR ?

Human Resources, also commonly abbreviated as HR, is a wide term used to describe the functioning of an organisation's workforce. In essence, it is about the people that make up the workplace: how they work, interact, what motivates them, how to keep a good balance between wellness and work output, what training they need, and so forth.

Just like a machine, the whole entity cannot function properly if all the smaller components do not work together, so in order to ensure the success of a business or enterprise, attention must be given to all the parts involved. If workers at ground level are not happy or feel that they are being treated unfairly, this would directly affect the efficiency of the upper levels, and could ultimately have a very negative impact on the business as a whole. Therefore, no matter what job you wish to pursue or already perform, having knowledge about the principles that govern successful Human Resources Management and obtaining a Human Resources qualification would always be of great value and give you a certain advantage in the corporate world
The increasingly demanding corporate world is fuelling the need for qualified HR Managers. Businesses aim for maximum success and, in order to achieve this, they rely on skilled, efficient, reliable and motivated workers. It goes without saying that a manager should therefore be able to work with people because motivating them implies that you understand and appreciate them. You cannot get the best out of your workers when you don't know how to treat them correctly, which makes HR Management Studies an integral part of running a successful enterprise.

Annada from HR Mantrana opined that the most important aspect in any SME is performance management. "Deciding mutually agreeable, time bound goals and documenting them gives clarity to the employee and his reporting authority. The employee then understands his KRA's (Key Result Areas) and can work diligently towards them. Knowing that you have contributed to the goal achievement in your own measurable way is one of the best motivations you can have.
The SMEs usually do not follow any formal HRM practices. The ownership and management generally coincide and the owner does not possess any formal management training. The employer-employee relationships are largely based on mutual trust and understanding. Most of the times, no formal employment contract is signed with the employees and the terms and conditions of employment are only verbally agreed between the employer and the employees. There is no strict compliance to the labor laws and the employees are also often happy with mutually discussed terms and conditions, provided they are paid enough. The negligence of HRM can be assessed by the fact that most of the SMEs do not even have a separate HR department also.

What are the good tools there on Internet ? How a HR Professional can take full use of them ?

What are the good tools there on Internet ? How a HR Professional can take full use of them  ?

Yes, the internet is an excellent tool to learn,gather information, maintain websites (as most libraries have public internet access).Not only is the internet an excellent tool it also provides houseless/homeless people an excellent means of communication for networking and passing on information (as well as just keeping up to date as what is happening).there is a growing network with the help of the internet for Grass Roots Media.The Internet has allowed people to send and receive information in seconds rather than days or weeks using E-mail. There is no barrier to doing business or collaborative research across continents.

Families can use email to keep in touch in a way that was never possible before. Instant messengers such as MSN, Skype and many others allow text, sound and video to be transferred worldwide instantly as well as sharing images and other data. As a research and learning tool, the Worldwide Web offers a vast library of data. Finding information is as simple as entering words into a search engine. Knowledge can be gained in minutes rather than hours and days.

The incredibly rapid transfer of data means that people can travel less. Contact can be maintained from almost anywhere in the world as easily as across a meeting table.
The Internet provides a platform for individuals to publish information, advertising data and commerce sites. No other medium is as accessible to individuals and small businesses.

As technology changes around us, we are forced to change as well, or risk being left behind. We can choose to fight against it at all cost, or try to adapt our old ways to the new technology. But to be truly successful, we must learn to step outside of our proverbial “box” and completely change our perspective of what is possible and what we should be doing.

Why link building is very Important for an HR in Global Recession ?

Why link building is very Important for an HR in Global Recession ?

Link building is one of the way of people to increase or improve their business. In this case, they do some actions that can make or interest the other people or customers to buy their products of the business. That is the aim of the link building that someone or people do in this globalization era. In fact, in the term of link building, the people is just having to make one site. But, they have to make the best and written content. So, later when we put it in the search engine, there are many sites which link to our site, and there are many customers who will buy our products.
Link-building is the practice of obtaining links from external web sites to your own to improve both direct referrals (people clicking on the links) and search engine ranking.In the link building, we need to do many works, and we also need strategies. Beside it, we also have to think about the result of our link building campaign. In this case, we need it to evaluate our campaign whether we can get many beneficial links or not, and how many link building services that we get. The most important thing in the link building is getting for the beneficial links to increase our business.

Most of the countries all over the world are going through this phase of economic recession. Many old and big companies have already been brought down on their knees to bite the dust. Many companies as well as countries have become bankrupt or are on the verge of it. Millions and millions of people have lost their jobs. Many people have lost millions and billions of dollars. People in general are scared and fearsome. This is not the first time that the global economy is going through recession and this is also not the last time. There is a pattern involved in it. On an average it is happening after every 8-10 years.
 This article is an attempt to highlight some of the issues involved and some of the possible solutions. In our life, there is a special place for money (be it in any currency). Most of the problems that we are facing in our life and day-to-day living are linked with it. Food, shelter, clothes, life-style, education, comforts and etc and etc, each and everything involves money. Money should be revolving; it comes, it goes and it comes back again. It should always change hands or else it is useless. It is this nature of the money that drives the economy of a country, a company or our life. And when you are going through recession, it means no money is coming in. Money is not coming in but yet you need to live and hence there is a need for cost-cutting. But you never know how long the recession will continue and hence more cost cutting. People drive the economy and when there is recession then it is these very people who suffer. 

Why written communication is more Important for HR Professionals ?

Why written communication  is more Important for HR Professionals ?

Human Resources Professionals plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of human resources and personnel departments, and develop and implement policies, programs and procedures regarding human resource planning, recruitment, collective bargaining, training and development, occupation classification and pay and benefit administration.

The most important Essential Skills for Human Resources Professionals are:

  • Reading Text
  • Writing
  • Oral Communication
  • Problem Solving

Intelligent, interesting and useful written pieces are important to the marketing of your consultancy, and even more so these days where the internet age has revealed writing to be a powerful tool in driving traffic and potential customers to your company website or blog…Good written skills are priceless.Writing is a skill, however, that will permeate every aspect of your business.

Employees' perceptions about their company often lie in the hands of capable human resources representatives. The human resources department has the responsibility to encourage management at all levels to communicate with employees regarding all matters of concern, including various company actions such as layoffs and promotions and important subject matters such as benefits and employment stability


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